How Long Does It Take to Clean a House?

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Did you know the average American spends about six hours a week cleaning?

Although some people spend almost an hour a day cleaning, not everyone has the time to clean. The best way for people to keep up with their cleaning is by learning how much time to set aside.

If you want to learn how long does it take to clean a house, read on to get started.

What’s Included In a Standard House Cleaning?
If you’re wondering how long it takes to clean your house, you should get a better idea of what a typical house cleaning entails.

Although there’s no standard rule of how long it takes to clean a house, general house cleaning includes these basic tasks.

- Sweeping
- Mopping
- Dusting
- Vacuuming
- Cleaning surfaces
- Making the bed
- Taking out the Trash
- Dishes

If your main purpose is to tidy up and make your house put together, these tasks should make your house look clean.

What Types of Cleaning Take Extra Time?
Many people believe cleaning their house takes a lot of time, which is why they dread this unpleasant task. However, cleaning only takes on several more hours when you have to take on extra cleaning.

- Blinds
- Laundry
- Oven cleaning
- Refrigerator cleaning
- Baseboards
- Gutters
- Vacuum drapes and curtains

Taking on deep cleaning tasks such as cleaning windows and ovens is an undertaking that can take several hours depending on the size of your house. However, these are tasks that you only have to do a few times a month based on your family’s size.

Average Cleaning Times Based On Size
The amount of time you have to spend cleaning depends on the size of your home. Cleaning times also depend on how thorough you like to clean, but these timelines are a good starting point.

1 Bedroom 1 Bath Apartment: If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, the amount of time you spend cleaning will take an average of 1 1/2 hours a week. This will include basic apartment cleaning.

However, during those weeks, when you decide to do deep cleaning, you can expect to spend 2 1/2 hours cleaning.

2 Bedroom 1 Bath Home: Adding an extra room to your home will also add more cleaning time. Allow yourself 2 1/2 hours a week to clean a two-bedroom home.

You should also add an extra 1 hour a week when you decide to deep clean.

3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home: If you have a typical three-bedroom home or apartment, you can expect to spend about three hours a week on basic cleaning. You should also set aside 1.5 hours when you do deep cleaning tasks.

4 Bedroom 3.5 Bath Home: Keeping up with the cleaning of a four-bedroom home will set you back about four to 4.5 hours a week cleaning. On weeks when you feel like doing a bit more cleaning, you should set an extra two hours a week.

5 Bedroom 5 Bath Home: A 5 bedroom house is a big undertaking, and you can expect to spend at least five hours a week doing a basic cleaning. If you want to keep up with your home’s overall maintenance, you should set aside 8 hours a week to deep clean.

How Do You Break Down the Time Cleaning a Kitchen?
Cleaning the kitchen is one of the most important tasks since you want to make sure it is sanitized. While a quick kitchen cleaning can take 10 minutes, you can also spend up to 45 minutes cleaning your home.

To clean your kitchen properly, you should start by clearing the counters. After you’re down preparing each meal, ensure you put everything back in its place. Once everything has been put away, you can wipe down the counters using a disinfecting cloth.

If you make it a habit to load and unload your dishwasher every day, you won’t have to worry about dishes piling up.

On days when you decide to deep clean your stove, make sure you clean the inside of your oven, the top of your stove, and your refrigerator. Also, take the opportunity to wipe down and dust cabinets and small appliances.

How Do You Break Down the Time Cleaning a Bathroom?
Bathrooms are another place that can collect a lot of dirt and grime, so the key to keeping them clean is to clean daily.

To clean your bathroom, you should start by spraying your bathtub or shower with a multi-purpose shower cleaner. By letting it soak while you clean something else will remove mildew.

While the shower cleaner soaks, you can tackle cleaning other bathroom surfaces.

To properly clean the bathroom counters, you should remove everything and use a disinfectant wipe. Don’t forget to wipe off the mirrors and other shiny surfaces like sinks using a glass cleaner.

If there’s toothpaste, soap, or hair product build-up, you should let the bathroom cleaner solution soak. The next thing you need to do to clean your bathroom is sweep and mop the floor.

Once the floors are clean, you can go back and wipe off the remaining shower cleaner. The last step when cleaning a bathroom is to take out the trash.

How Do You Break Down the Time Cleaning a Bedroom?
Having a clean room can make it more inviting and help you feel more relaxed. If you want to keep it up with cleaning your room, it’s easy to do it in a few simple steps.

You should start by picking up any trash that you might have lingering around the room.The next step is to make your bed and arrange the pillows since the bed pulls the entire room together.

Go around the room to and pick up any cuttler, put dirty clothes in the hamper, and tidy up other surfaces. The last step is to dust surfaces, sweep, or vacuum the room to make it sparkle.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a House?
How long does it take to clean a house? Now that you know how long it takes to clean your house, you’re ready to make your house sparkle.

Although the time you will spend cleaning your house will depend on how many rooms, you should expect to set aside 1.5 hrs a week per room to clean your home.

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