We Are Hiring

About the job: 

We are searching for highly skilled House Cleaning Technicians, house cleaners, and housekeepers who take pride in their work. You will be responsible for cleaning, vacuuming, washing, dusting, mopping, and sanitizing all areas and surfaces of our clients’ homes, apartments, and small offices.

What does it pay?

We pay an average of $17-$25 per hour.. That's about $700-$900 per week plus tips. If working on an active schedule.

Why work with us?

We believe if our workers are happy, they’ll do their work with passion while we help them accomplish their goals and dreams. We also understand what it takes to be a good cleaning technician, which is why we respect, value, and pay very well for great talent.

  • Get paid and learn: If you have never cleaned for work before no problem. Your training will be paid ($17/hr. for 25 sessions than $20/hr after) No experience is required. Applicants must be used to physical labor, standing for 6-8 hours a day.

  • Job Security: The cleaning industry is considered essential labor! It’s the best time to join us, and it’s a job that will always be needed.

  • Weekly payment via Zelle: You will receive a weekly payment (direct deposit to your bank account via Zelle)..

  • If you are working on property managment assigned jobs, pay period is based on our customer's payment schedule of bi-weekly or monthly. (We will inform you again if we assigned you to these jobs.)


Do I work alone or on a team?

Cleaning jobs are mostly performed by 2 cleaners. For bigger jobs, we send teams of 3 or 4 people. You must have reliable transportation to mobilize to the work sites.

How do I check my schedule?

We use a scheduling phone application, where you can easily see your daily schedule.

How do I get paid?

We pay using Zelle or (Cash App, Venmo, Paypal) to your bank account.

Job requirements:

  • Over 21 years of age

  • Free of drugs and felonies

  • Authorized to work in the US

  • Must own a vehicle and smartphone

  • Driver's license

  • Verifiable work history and references, preferably 1 year or more

  • Excellent attitude and work ethic

Job Details

   Location: South Florida, Las Vegas, Honolulu
    Salary: $17 to $25 hourly
    Employment: Sub-Contractor
    Experience: No experience required
    Job Type: Contractor 1099